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Larry Sepulvado: Links


Personal Facebook page. Come by and add yourself as a friend.

Music Video - When Push Comes To Love

Made in 2002. I rewrote this song shortly after this video was made essentially nullifying the video. No plans to re-record the song but we had great fun making it! My son is playing lead guitar.

Dance Performance

Waltz performance by Larry & Laurie Sepulvado - May, 1997.

Dance Documentary

Condensed version of documentary "In Between Dances" directed by Gary Parker - 1998. Informative recap of Laurie's brain injury & dance career released a year after her auto accident.

Pioneer Award - UCWDC

Dance career details from the official UCWDC (The United Country & Western Dance Council) World Championship website.

Linda Ronstadt 1975 Rolling Stone Magazine

Linda Ronstadt's first cover story for Rolling Stone magazine written by Ben Fong-Torres. Full text. Annie Leibovitz photos with Ronstadt's Sin City jacket.

Gram Theft Parsons - Movie Trailer

2004 theatrical movie release starring Johnny Knoxville as Gram Parsons road manager Phil Kaufman & Christine Applegate. True story about Gram Parsons death. Knoxville wears Kaufman's original Sin City jacket throughout the movie.

Order a Sin City patch!

Exact size & color replication of the original Sin City patch as worn by Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and others.