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Larry Sepulvado: Music

Dance All Night, Sleep All Day

writer: Larry Sepulvado

In 2004 I drove from Houston to Beaumont almost every weekend to dance at the Dixie Dancehall owned by Tracy Byrd in Beaumont's warehouse district.. a mini 6th Street that includes an Antone's blues club a la Austin. 

I've been a dance instructor since 1983 & dancers from my days of competing in dance would be there from Lake Charles & the surrounding areas. The Dixie is a sea of cowboy hats & pickup trucks.. a throwback to the Urban Cowboy dance clubs in Houston.  

Features band mate & best friend, Dennis Challman on steel guitar.


Dance All Night, Sleep All Day


Sittin’ ‘hind this desk in Port Arthur, Texas

One thing on my mind

The boss man thinks I’m working

But I’m on the phone flirting 

With that 2-steppin’ baby of mine  

Down at the Dixie Dancehall we gonna tie one on

Me and Margo Fontenot from Beaumont’s hot to go 

And party till the cows come home 


Dance all night, sleep all day

Me and Margo wouldn't have it any other way

Dance all night, sleep all day

Come Monday morning, gonna have the devil to pay


Dancin’ ain’t nothing

But an excuse for me to do my thing 

Give me one last breath I'd dance to death

Ev'ry two-step 'n swing 

Margo knows how to move me, she's gotta move or two

Throw back 2 shots of Tequila & I’ll start to feel her 

Rubbin ‘gainst me with her doo wah diddy do



Piano: Kevin McKendree

Bass: Steve Mackey

Drums: Lynn Williams

Guitar: Rob McNelly

Fiddle: Rob Hajacos

Steel Guitar: Dennis Challman

Backup Vocals: The Hanshaws