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Larry Sepulvado: Music

That's Why We Go To The Zydeco

writer: Larry Sepulvado

My dad is from Zwolle, Louisiana famous these days for the Zwolle Tamale Fiesta. In my mind I'll always remember Zwolle for getting electricity in 1966 and with that came TV and with that came long hair & drugs. All in the name of progress!

This song started off as a cajun waltz with the triple syllable rhyme "why-we-go to the zy-de-co.

I'd like to record it someday with a zydeco rhythm but this first time around it had to be cajun. 

That's Why We Go To The Zydeco


Everybody's rockin everybody's on a roll 

That's why we go to the zydeco

There're belles of the bayou and lots of guys who 

Are slippin' off to do-si-do

Every pretty young girl is a cajun queen 

If you're young and hungry you know what I mean

French speaking women sippin' ice tea with lemon 

Every young boy's bayou dream


That's why we go to the zydeco

When our feet hit the floor at the fais do dos

I'm gonna be a lucky so and so

When I find me a gal that won't say no no no


Ole Ernest Thibideaux's stakin' out the dance floor 

Got his eye on a gal or two

Barefoot Jerry and Mississippi Mary 

Drove all the way from Baton Rouge

Mama's etoufee and her butter beignets 

Are bound to put the pounds on me

But a hard night of dancing & a round of romancing

It be gone and that's a cajun gaw-ran-tee




Bummer is the drummer in the zydeco band 

His pet alligator chewed off his right hand

Washboard Willie & Squeeze Box Billie 

Keep a beat the best they can

Bobo boogie woogies the bass guitar

On breaks he pitches pennies in the band's tip jar 

Frenchie sings a little, scratches on the fiddle 

But mostly plays a mean guitar




Piano: Kevin McKendree

Bass: Steve Mackey

Drums: Lynn Williams

Guitar: Rob McNelly

Accordian: Chip Dolan

Backup Vocals: The Hanshaws