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Larry Sepulvado: Music

You Couldn't Care Less

writer: Larry Sepulvado

I owe the inspiration for writing this song to Gary Taylor, a great Houston songwriter! I have no idea how I came up with the weird modulation in this song & the odd bridge. Musically the most complex song I've written.

I had envisioned the song as a textbook Louisiana swamp rocker but Delbert McClinton's band gave it, what feels like to me, a Tom Petty spin on swamp rock. 


You Couldn’t Care Less     


Wade the widest swamp I’d be your alligator bait

Kiss a hundred water moccasin snakes

Yeah, that’s what I’d do, if it led me back to you

If it meant a glimpse of your Louisiana smile

I would make mad love to a wild crocodile

Maybe yes baby I’m a little obsessed... but you couldn’t care less


No you couldn’t care less if I loved you any much more

You couldn't care less no you couldn't give a damn

Louisiana woman stop messing with your Mississippi man

Passed ev'ry one of your tests but you couldn't care less


Midnight late crossing Lake Ponchartrain

Backed up traffic in the driving rain

You ripped off our wedding ring, said it didn't mean a thing

I'd swim upstream thru that Mississippi mud

In the heat of a summer's hurricane flood

Maybe yes baby let me take a wild guess... you couldn’t care less




Pressed my gun between your breasts

I'll love you honey til your dying breath 

Stop fogging up my windows gasping for air

Woman I just don't care


Tonight I couldn’t care less, no I couldn’t care less

Tonight I couldn’t care less if you loved me any much more

You know I couldn’t care less, no I couldn’t care less

No I couldn’t care less if you loved me any much more


Piano: Kevin McKendree


Bass: Steve Mackey

Drums: Lynn Williams

Guitar: Rob McNelly

Backup Vocals: Loyce Washington & David Hanshaw