1. Hurricane

From the recording Hurricane

I evacuated Houston along with 2.5 million other people preceding Hurricane Rita. I headed to Dennis Challman's house outside Austin, Texas. Normally a 3.5 hour drive turned into 28 hours!! Along the way, it was like a true to life reality show out of 'Lord Of The Flies'. The next day I wrote this song.


Bring on the wind, bring on the rain
Bring on another damn hurricane
Cause I can take the wind, I can take the rain
Long as I can take god's name in vain
Hurricane, hurricane 
Staring eye to eye with this hurricane
Hurricane, hurricane 
Take everything I got to my name
Thunder's rolling in, there's no way out
Sky blacker than the shadow of a doubt
Bulls eye dirty side, we are all about to die 
On a rooftop screaming for a helicopter ride
Right before our eyes, water's on the rise
Grab up the kids run for the roof reach for the sky
It's raining waterlogged cajun cats and creole dogs
Human remains sucking their way down a sewage drain

Piano: Kevin McKendree
Bass: Steve Mackey
Drums: Lynn Williams
Dirty Side Guitar: Rob McNelly
Lead Guitar: Austin Sepulvado
Backup Vocals: Loyce Washington & David Hanshaw