CD review from MyTexasMusic:Larry Sepulvado
CAJUN CATS CREOLE DOGS Sin City Records©2009 
Review by Lucky Boyd
Co-Founder, MyTexasMusic I’m tempted to tell you I’m having too much fun listening to this disc to actually sit down and write a review. Perhaps the only flaw of this disc is that it’s only eight tracks. Larry Sepulvado had designs on creating an album he could be proud of, that exuded all the fun he had making it, and give fans an avenue for their next serious toe-tapping. Home run, Larry!  Sepulvado’s rhyming scheme is not traditional but comfortable. His music is lyrically unpredictable and expertly phrased on every track. His melodies are fitting, dynamic, undulating, and perfectly matched to the instrumentation. Sepulvado has assembled an all-star cast for the orchestration and has a laundry list of notable appearances as well.  The opening cut invites you to wait for it… wait for it… then starts an album full of well-written tracks that range from funfest to anthem. “Dance All Night, Sleep All Day” is perhaps the most commercial cut on the disc, remaining true to what little formula is present on this album. Great music requires no formula, however, and Sepulvado pounds out an eight-pack of powerful tunes that talk of little else but enjoying every minute of life. “Right Now” has a backbeat that gets in your head and you’re hooked. Each song has an edge, often saying things only a songwriter would say out loud. Every cut will leave you saying, “oh, yeah, that’s right.” There’s even a bona fide zydeco tune that’s as good as any you’ve heard. Sepulvado’s delivery is masterful throughout and never disappoints.  As a reviewer, I wondered why it would take more than seven minutes to sing about “That Girl I Met From Lafayette” until I heard the song. Sepulvado gives listeners a gift on the track, wrapping the story in a musically exhilarating package that doesn’t cut itself short. Great story and expert writing leave you wanting more. The entire disc has the ability to make you think you’re listening to a new kind of music. You might not be able to fit it all into a particular genre, so you might have to coin a new one. Since most of the album is Louisiana-centered, we’ll call it Party-ana. It fits. Get on board the Sepulvado music train; it’s a great ride.” - Lucky Boyd

— My Texas Music