From the recording Why Paint Memphis Blue?

I can't write very well when I'm depressed but I was depressed when I wrote this song. It took me 4 years & continuous prodding by Nashville songwriter & song critiquer Barbara Cloyd before I was satisfied with the lyrics.
When I was laying the rhythm track down with Delbert McClinton's band it wasn't going well at first. We stopped & I said, "How about we think Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, Reggie Young, & James Carr's original version of "The Dark End Of The Street". They got it in one take! 
Lloyd Maines (father of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks) played some exquisite steel guitar by my measure! And what can I say about The Hanshaws backup vocals & Kelly Hanshaw's closing harmony?!!


From hello to goodbye, to nothin' left to say
Bet your new love lights up your nights out in L.A.
But it's midnight in Memphis & I'm more than missin' you
I'd go out and paint the town but why paint Memphis blue?
From sunrise to sunset, I lay staring at the walls
Hanging on to the telephone knowin' you'll never call
And why get up when the sun goes down why spread the news
I'd go out and paint the town but why paint Memphis blue?
Remember that night we caught Delbert live
You danced across the tables while I nearly died
Now I may stumble down Beale Street past Lonely Avenue
But I can't hear the music if I can't dance with you
Sooner or later, I'll get out and around
Chase down a new love like some new kid in town
But all the women I'd been through pointed me straight to you
So why go out and paint the town, why paint Memphis blue?
Why go out and paint a town that's already got the blues?

Piano: Kevin McKendree
Bass: Steve Mackey
Drums: Lynn Williams
Guitar: Rob McNelly
Steel Guitar: Lloyd Maines
Backup vocals: The Hanshaws